School Leader

Kadi // 28 // Arizona, USA

My name is Kadi and I make art, love God, and enjoy coffee. The strange beautiful desert of Tucson, Arizona is where I grew up. At the end of last year I married my wonderful husband David, and we are just loving this new lifelong adventure God has us on. I’m stoked to be leading this Around the World DTS with my friend Michael, and the awesome staff who are on board!

I did my DTS back in ’09 with the AW80. Since then I have staffed the school on and off for 4 years, and I was a youth pastor for a few years as well. God’s got me on a crazy adventure, and I’m totally ok with that! He’s placed me in an amazing family, and has put some awesome people in my life that I’m privileged to call my dear friends. I’ve been able to see and be a part of what God is doing all over the world…from my home town to the ends of the earth.

The frontier missions aspect is what drew me to this school back in ’09, and it is still what draws me to this school today. On the YWAM Oxford website it describes the school and ends by saying “As the students are exposed to frontier missions, they are equally exposed to God’s world; His amazingly diverse and awesome creation.” How cool is that?! I have such a heart for this school and I’m excited to see what God has in store for the students and staff this year!

“To fall in love with God is the greatest romance; to seek him the greatest adventure; to find him, the greatest human achievement.” – St. Augustine of Hippo

School Leader

Michael // 24 // Oxford, NZ

My name is Michael and I love adventure!! I’m from Oxford New Zealand, I’m as local as you can get! I love sport and exploring, coffee, worship, and travel. I’m really excited to lead this school with Kadi, and looking forward to all the fun and things that God will be doing in this season!

I did my snowboards DTS in Denver, Colorado in 2012. Since then I have worked, and in 2015 God called me to staff two AW80 schools, now on my third. I love this school in how it exposes you to missions and how they can look so different to each other. I would have never dreamed God would have led me to so many places and meet so many awesome people and cultures, its crazy how it all starts with a yes and many more yes.
excited to see what God is going to do in the students and though them!!

School Staff

David // 20 // Pennsylvania, USA

Hello I’m David. I am married to our awesome fearless leader, Kadi. I am a born and raised Pennsylvanian, which means I have a little more back woods culture than most. I love hunting and hiking. I love doing crazy things in the outdoors like making spears, making bows and arrows, chopping wood, tackling sheep, and of course pulling the guts out of big game animals.

I am very passionate about missions. I am specifically concerned for the 3,109,034,000 individuals that have no access to hearing about what Jesus did for them on the cross. I feel called to use my life to bring hope and opportunity for eternal life to those who are the least likely to hear. The reason I am here staffing this year is because I want to invest and inspire others to follow God radically with all their heart and have love that burns for the lost and the broken. If I can inspire others to love God more or to bring the Gospel to the unreached peoples of the world my time here will be well worth it.

School Staff

Jacob // 27 // Washington, USA

Howdy! My name is Jacob and I’m a Northwest guy at heart. I grew up near Seattle and love the beauty that is brought on by the constant rain. I went to Texas A&M for a couple years and graduated from a Bible school in Michigan.

I recently did my DTS last year with the Father’s Love School. It was an amazing experience! What a blessing to grow closer to God, travel the world, and share Christ’s love to the nations! Ever since 2007, I have wanted to be a missionary and share the good news of Christ to the ends of the earth. During my time with YWAM I was amazed and stretched by God all at the same time. I can’t wait to be back in Oxford and staff The Around the World School. I love to serve and I’m super stoked to see how God works in and through the student’s lives!

School Staff

Kaylee // 28 // British Columbia, CAN

Hi my name is Kaylee. I grew up in the beautiful place known as British Colombia, Canada. I love coffee, the wilderness, people, traveling, dancing, adventure and anything outdoors!

I completed my AW DTS back in 2009. It was a great time of learning and stretching for me where the Lord really moved on my heart. A lot of things I had learned growing up in a Christian home God really brought me a deeper understanding about. I have had a heart for missions since I was 14 and have been on different trips both long and short. My most recent trip was a couple months of medical missions in Vanuatu.

I love the global church and am very passionate about walking with Jesus, living in community and seeing others grow and walk closer to the Lord. I’m very excited to staff the AW80 this next year and see what adventures are ahead and what Jesus wants to do!

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