School Leader

Alyssa // 23 // Oregon, USA

I’m Alyssa, I was born and raised in Oregon. I live in a tiny house when I’m not here, and go on adventures with my three younger siblings.

I did the Voice for the Voiceless DTS in Kona in 2013. While on outreach I met a team from Oxford and knew that was where I was to go next. I chose to do a DTS because I was at a point in my life where I wanted to know whether the God that I had grown up hearing about was in fact real, and whether He was the God that He said He was. I wanted to experience Him, not just hear about Him. That has set me on a journey home to Him and to His kingdom. It’s been far more challenging than I expected, but even more worth it than I could have ever imagined.

This will be my first time leading a school. I can’t say that I know what I’m doing, but I know Someone that does, and that’s all that matters.

School Staff

Hannah // 19 // Georgia, USA

Heyo friend!

My name is Hannah and I am part of your staff team on the Backpackers DTS! I am so excited to see you come to life here at Oxford and to walk along side of you in it!

I am from Atlanta, Georgia and I LOVE IT! I was born in Nashville, Tennessee and lived there for a while and then moved to Knoxville, Tennessee for a bit. So you could say I’m a southern girl and people often say I am but I like to think I’m an everywhere person? I love exploring and spending days in the city hopping from one coffee shop to the next and spending time with my favorite people!

I am the oldest of 3, one sister, one brother, both amazing! Two super awesome parents, Kelly and David. You’ll probably hear me talk about them a whole bunch! I graduated from Sprayberry High in 2015 and praise be His name I made it out alive…can I get an amen? After high school I worked for a bit and then came into YWAM! I was part of the Justice DTS and loved it so much!

I love people’s stories and love intentionally getting to know each person the Lord has put in my path! Coffee houses and good Spotify playlists are my love language and a firm believer in Jesus! I grew up with great parents that always turned me to the Lord and always taught me to give God my everything! So staffing is me giving Him my all and helping people learn to do the same!
I am so excited to get to know you and to see God do amazing things in and through you!

School Staff

Sierra // 20 // Ontario, CAN

Hi there! My name is Sierra.
I was super blessed to be raised in a Christian home with 4 siblings. I have always had a sensitive heart towards God and made this faith my own at a young age.

Someone recently described me as super chill and sweet, with a party going on on the inside. I’ve also been told that I smile a lot!

I did my Music & Worship DTS in Toowoomba, Australia and had an amazing experience. It was really awesome to meet so many young people who are equally passionate about Jesus and music! It was a great environment for me to grow stronger in my relationship with God and knowing who I am in Him. I’ve been encouraging all of my friends at home to do a DTS of their own. You won’t regret dedicating these next few months of your life to getting to know God more and seeing where He takes you from there!

I love trying new things and I am excited to do this whole backpacking thing. I love coffee, music, photography, reading, singing, and going on adventures!

School Staff

Joseph // 22 // Oregon, USA

Hey guys!

How did I get involved with YWAM you may ask? Well I was a ski bum living in Bend Oregon, when one day a friend asked, “hey have you ever thought of doing a DTS?” I responded with another question “what the heck is DTS?” Little did I know that simple question would be used to change my life forever. 6 months later I found myself on a plane to Kona Hawaii where I had no idea what to expect. While I was there my mind was blown with the realization that God is truly alive and wants to speak to me and be apart of my everyday life. That simple truth has taken me farther than I ever thought I could go and has brought more purpose to my life than I thought possible.

I finished my DTS in 2014, since then I have always wanted to go back and continue sowing into the ministry. Never felt like it was time until one day I went on a hike with a friend (Alyssa our school leader) who asked me a half serious half kidding question, “hey would you ever come staff the backpackers DTS with me in New Zealand?” I was caught off guard and said “uh….. no…” after much thought and prayer I realized this is exactly what I have been waiting for. So 4 months later I found myself on a plane to Oxford New Zealand.

Most of my interests involve being outside like finding new places, climbing things so that I can jump off of them, swimming in lakes, rivers or the ocean, skiing, hiking, canoeing, mountain biking, trail running, staring at mountains, and also staring at waves, things like that. Another thing that I really love and am passionate about is cars. My favorite automotive manufacture is Subaru and if you ask me any questions about them I will go on for hours if you allow me.

Overall guys I am stoked for life and stoked to meet all of my new brothers and sisters. Can’t wait to invite you into the YWAM family.

School Staff

Renee // 22 // Minnesota, USA

My name is Renee and I like to party.

I am the 6th of 7 kids so that might be a contributing factor to my lack of an indoor voice.. BUT I’M WORKING ON IT OK.

I did the Backpackers DTS in 2014 with YWAM Oxford and it was absolutely amazing! God taught me so much during that time and I really experienced Him in a new and fresh way. I thought that because I grew up in a christian family and already had a solid faith that was more than just head knowledge, that doing a DTS would be cool but I wouldn’t get THAT much out of it. By the end of the first lecture I realized how wrong I was and God began moving in me and cultivating my heart that had become hard and complacent.

After graduating DTS I went home and didn’t think I would ever be able to come back to NZ because in my mind it was just too extravagant and more of a one time thing. So I feel pretty spoiled that God led me back here and now I get to learn and grow closer to Him in this amazing country. God is so good!

ps. If you are ever bored and want to go on an adventure or do something crazy, come find me. I promise we won’t die.

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