This school was formally entitled the “School of Biblical Studies Core Course”, a three month segment of the nine month School of Biblical Studies.

About the BCC

The Bible Core Course is a 12 week course that introduces students to the inductive approach of Biblical Study, equipping them with many tools for integrating the Word into their personal lives and using it as a foundation for everything they do! The students are taught how to employ many diverse and creative methods for observing, interpreting and applying the Scriptures. Students will also have an opportunity to be involved in dramatic recreations and an understanding of Biblical History.

What will I study?

As students you will observe what is in the text, learn to interpret it with the help of background information and be able to apply the Word of God to your life. During the course students will read through the entire Bible and study in depth at least 14 books of the Bible. Students will become familiar with every form of literature in the Old and New Testaments. The BCC provides a means for learning how to incorporate Scriptures into areas of evangelism, prayer and worship and intercession. Students will learn how memorize and meditate upon the Scriptures. Students are also given opportunities to gain experience in inductive teaching and leading small groups so they are equipped to give away what they have learned. Although the BCC is a complete, stand-alone course, it is designed to interface compatibly with the longer, nine month SBS. Should a student so desire, he or she may proceed on to the second and third quarters of the SBS at another location, upon successful completion of the BCC at YWAM Oxford.

Who should attend the BCC

Everyone with long-term vision for church-planting and related missions work. The school will provide each student with an excellent introduction to Scripture and provide experienced teaching that is essential for life-long effective ministry and on-going Christian growth. A DTS or Crossroads is required as a prerequisite. The School is registered with the University of the Nations.

BCC Dates

TBD – email for more info

BCC Costs

Lecture Phase . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . nz $4,050.00

* All fees are in New Zealand Dollars (USD = x0.80 approx)

BCC Application Forms

Application Letter
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YWAM Leaders Reference Form
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