Bible Core Course Outreach

Roger and Julie reporting on their 3 month Outreach to Malaysia, Uganda and Tanzania. In Malaysia we attended and spoke at Gereja Peace Church Camp then on to Uganda with two Bible Seminars with over 20 pastors and leaders at each one. Also spoke at a gathering of churches in a remote village and several people were healed of physical ailments. We were joined by Rebecca from BCC, 2007 who had a great ministry with young people and sharing her testimony.

Another highlight was being present in Mbarara for a wedding ceremony for 15 couples, who had not previously exchanged vows, in the church, followed by a great celebration afterwards, all provided by an American team of six people. On to Tanzania with a further 3 seminars on Bible
Study with pastors and leaders.

There is a great need for teaching of the bible. Floyd McClung states in his latest book, “You see bones, I see and Army” p.205 in which he writes that “Africa has actually been evangelised over and over again. But it has not been discipled.:” This is a challenge for the future, for Christians of all ages to go and join those already working in Africa and be part of the discipling process.

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