School Leader

Matt // London, Ontario

Hey, I’m Matt and I’m from London, Ontario, Canada, which isn’t quite as big and exciting as the other London, but is a pretty sweet place to grow up. I absolutely love the outdoors, and rock climbing is one of my passions, which works pretty well with living in New Zealand. I am told by many people that I am the most Canadian person that they know and I grew up playing hockey and loving snow, but I love New Zealand and am so thankful that I get to call it home!

I have been on an amazing adventure with God for the last two years, and I can’t wait to see what else He has planned for me. I did my DTS in Matamata, New Zealand in September 2010 and went on to do the School of Biblical Studies in Taiwan after I finished my DTS. While I was doing the School of Biblical Studies, God gave me the amazing gift of calling me back to New Zealand to join the family here at Oxford and lead the Bible Core Course.

My walk through life has not been the easiest or the “best way” to do it, but God was there every step of the way and ever since I decided to let go and allow God to take control and lead it has been filled with wonder and amazement and awesomeness! Surrendering to Him and to His plans was the greatest thing I’ve ever done in my life, so now I live my life to help lead others into relationship with Him so that they may surrender as well and experience the freedom and abundant life that only He can give.

It is such a blessing and privilege to be allowed to live my life for the King in the most beautiful country in the world through teaching the bible, rock climbing and enjoying God’s creation, and I am thankful for every day that He gives me to serve Him.

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