School Leader

Joshua // 34 // Georgia, USA

Howdy folks, Joshua here. To start at the beginning, I did my DTS at Holmsted Manor in England way back in 1997 (before we had all these fancy themes). I knew before I left that I wanted to come back into YWAM and be involved in other ways, but it took just under 9 years to make that a reality. During the in-between time I got a degree in Economics, traveled a lot and started climbing as much as I could. So that’s when I first came to YWAM Oxford to staff a couple Backpacker DTS’s, and I loved it! This place became my home.

After my time in Oxford, the Lord then led me to Lausanne, Switzerland to do the Bible Core Course and then to stay on as base staff in communications, transportation and food services. I then did some amazing training in Tacoma, Washington before moving down to Brazil to help take care of a house full of children with HIV for two years. Quite an adventure, ask me about it some time.

It was just after my time in Brazil that God started to put the long- deferred Climbers DTS back on my heart. The idea has been talked about for years and even pursued as a reality recently, but simply hasn’t come together until now. It’s absolutely my dream job, pairing my passion for climbing and my passion for discipleship, and it’s something God has been preparing me for for years. I’m so thankful to Him for what He’s done and what He’s doing.

School Staff

Cameron // 21 // Michigan, USA

Greetings friends I have not met (YET). My name is Cameron, I am 21 years old and married to my wife Tori Mueller, who will be staffing along side me. Though I was born in Papua New Guinea, I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.I did my DTS in Townsville Australia Oct 2015 and trekked in Papua New Guinea for outreach. I love swimming, hiking, climbing trees and most importantly climbing rocks. YWAM Oxford is a very welcoming base filled with friendly people, I will be shocked if you do not feel welcome right away when you first arrive. The surrounding area also has some great climbing spots of all grades. I am super excited to meet all of you and can’t wait for the school to get started and to start climbing some rock.

School Staff

Tori // 21 // Michigan, USA

Hi! My name is Tori and I’m from Michigan. Some of my favorite things to do include hiking, climbing, traveling and playing the violin. I did my DTS in Townsville, Australia in 2015 with my best friend Cameron, who I married in May of this year. DTS was definitely a time of growth for me personally and I can’t wait to see how God works in this next season!

School Staff

Josiah // 19 // Oregon, USA

Hello there! My name is Josiah and I hail from beautiful Central Oregon.

I am the sixth of nine kids, yes the weather is nice up there. As long as I can remember the church was in my life, but around 8th grade I decided to make my faith my own.

I started climbing around sixteen, and through that passion God led me to the climbers DTS in 2016-2017, were God revealed to me what it meant to be a son.

Things you will find me doing: sitting in a coffee shop, hiking, climbing, playing a board game, playing guitar, or goofing around with my friends.

School Staff

Luke // 20 // Colorado, USA

Hey there! I’m Luke, I’m pumped to be here doing the climbers dts!

I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado when I’m not in New Zealand. I love doing anything outside whether that’s in the mountains or doing some sort of sport, I also love music and making things with my hands.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been going to church but I never really wanted to pursue God until I went to Guatemala when I was 15. From there I went back two or times. For me I felt something was missing, there had to be more to Christianity. I decided to do a DTS in 2015 and from then on my life has completely shifted. I learned I could actually do relationship with God our Father. It affected me so much I wanted to come back and do more with YWAM.

I’m psyched for this season and what God is gonna do!

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