Discipleship Training

What Is a DTS?

The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a six-month training program that aims at helping students to know God more in-depth, while preparing them to make Him known in the nations. The DTS is divided into two distinct phases.

The Lecture Phase is a twelve week classroom segment consisting of discussions, workshops, small groups, personal study time, and lectures. A tight-knit community of students and staff provides an environment where spiritual and biblical principles can be lived and worked out. Students benefit from the expertise of lecturers from New Zealand and overseas.

The Outreach Phase is a ten or twelve week field assignment. The school is broken up into small teams which travel throughout New Zealand and overseas countries putting into practice what was learned during Lecture Phase. Teams will serve with established missionaries, practice evangelism, and help disciple the Church.

Who Should Attend?

The DTS is for those individuals who want their lives to count for eternity. Though theory is very important, it is truly about developing a Christian character. It is an examination into the heart of God, a journey of discovery where God’s ways become your own. The emphasis is not so much on knowledge gained rather than on the principles applied; not so much on a mind filled with facts, but a heart filled with faith. Knowing God personally and obeying Him completely is the bottom line.

It is a special time in your life to seek and know the Lord on a personal level. We are committed to doing all we can to help you realize this goal. All of the staff are non-salaried missionaries, dedicated to the training and equipping of young Christians who want their lives to count for eternity.

Course Content

The lecture curriculum includes a variety of topics such as: the character and nature of God, prayer and intercession, personal devotions, hearing the voice of God, spiritual warfare, worship, true repentance, holiness and the fear of the Lord, the Father heart of God, relationships, Biblical Christian world-view, and world missions.

DTS Schools

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