EarthCare Experience Workshops

“For all creation is waiting eagerly for that future day when God will reveal who his children really are.” (Romans 8 v 19)

**This year we are not running the EarthCare Experience School. We are running a series of integrated workshops in the spring, from October to early December 2017.
Students enrolled on other YWAM schools or staff may be interested to join in as they run on Saturdays only.**

The Vision of the EarthCare Experience workshops

To grow deeper in a love relationship with God our Father and Creator of all life, working together as His children to create fruitful and sustainable farms and gardens of God’s presence on earth.

What is EarthCare?

The EarthCare Foundation is a network of people from many cultures and nations, with a passion to learn together through training workshops, teach the practices of natural farming, and help establish earthcare gardens.
EarthCare is part of a growing global family of God’s children working with and enjoying Him in the garden- His earth!

Who do we work with?

EarthCare works primarily with rural peoples, often tribal or in marginalised often remote communities.

Where do we work?

We currently work in New Zealand and Asia

Why an EarthCare Experience workshop?

Our passion and desire is that you will experience God our Father loving us as His children. As a community of believers we grow to experience working out of resting in his love, receiving wisdom and understanding to establish sustainable, fruitful and beautiful gardens—places where we see and participate in miracles of his creativity and fruitfulness.
Out of this experience and understanding we discover and learn new skills and knowledge to create fruitful and sustainable gardens and small farms.

Purpose of the workshops

1. To teach and help enable students to enter into a deeper experience of our Father’s love as His sons and daughters, through the revelation of Jesus His Son.
2. To learn by experience and teaching simple, appropriate ways to grow food, especially with poor rural peoples, using locally available resources.
3. To be able to help run EarthCare workshops, learning from and working with people in ways appropriate to their culture and climate.

Some key teaching covered

1. The story of God’s earth, what’s gone wrong, the cure
2. Earth worldviews
3. God in His gardens, a view through the Bible
4. Our hearts and the soil
5. Living and working from rest as loved sons and daughters of our heavenly Father
6. Foundational principals of EarthCare gardens
7. Simple nutrition, healthy soils, healthy food
We work and learn together in local gardens, learning by experience.

Key practices covered in training include:

1. What is soil and how to improve and sustain its fertility naturally
2. The importance of drainage
3. Soil creation and conservation
4. Creating micro climates
5. Mulching (copying forests), green manures, compost and fertilisers
6. No dig gardens (“Farming God’s Way” methods)
7. Water conservation, harvesting and application (drip irrigation)
8. Learning how to experiment with new methods
9. Shelter and shade
10. Simple nutrition

Location details

111 Old Tai Tapu Rd.
Kennedys Bush Christchurch
(approx. 50 minutes from Oxford), with field trips in local area.

School administration

The school is administered through a partnership between YWAM Oxford (NZ) and the EarthCare Foundation, a NZ based charitable trust.

EarthCare Experience teachers

Rob Blakely, an ecological engineer and horticulturalist, is the primary workshop teacher.

EarthCare Experience Workshop Dates

Workshops are planned for Saturdays 9am to 4pm over 8 weeks from October 14 to December 2nd, with one weekend off. To receive a more complete understanding it is necessary to come to the 7 workshops as they are integrated and build on one another

EarthCare Experience Workshop Costs

7 WORKSHOPS . . . . . . . . . . . . $350.00 NZD*

Costs include brief notes and light refreshments
*Special rates may apply to NZ citizens

More Information

Contact: Rob Blakely
Phone: +64 21 2493 209

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