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Please read this carefully before proceeding

  • "Application fee" is the nz$50 fee that must accompany your room deposit once you are accepted.
  • "Room deposit" is the nz$500 fee payable once you have been accepted for the school, this is      part of the lecture phase fee and not an additional cost;
  • "School fees" are the balance of your course fees payable before or at the start of your school
  • "Donations"are gifts that may be made to any staff, student or YWAM Oxford project

Payment for any of the above

Payment for any of the above can be made by cheque. This is the most cost effective method of making payments. There are no additional fees as long as there are sufficient funds in the account to cover payment. We accept any cheques(personal,company,church,bank,etc). We are not able to accept money orders.

Payment may also be made with cash, however, please remember do not put cash in the mail, as it is illegal and could also be intercepted by others. You are welcome to bring cash with you or withdraw from local ATMs,however local ATMs have adaily limit on what you can withdraw and you incur a substantial bank fee everytime you do so. It is worthwhile to know that the exchange rate for foreign currency notes is significantly to your disadvantage compared to that for cheques.

Payment of Application fee or Room deposit

Payment may be made by Credit Card. Please have your credit card ready before beginning the procedure. There is an additional fee of nz$1 + 2.5% of your payment. Please note this option is only available for payments of nz$500 or less.…

Payment of Fees or Donations

  • You may pay by Bank Transfer . YWAM Oxford has partnered with Custom House, to allow you to make payments of over nz$500 to us by what is effectively a local bank transfer. There are several advantages to this system including, lower bank rates for the transfer, a guaranteed exchange rate and an electronic paper trail through our payment online system. To make a payment through Custom house you will need to follow these simple steps:
    1. Fill out your information on the next couple of screens
    2. . Be sure to use the country that you are in(This is very important). On one screen you will be prompted to choose a bank. This is the bank that Custom House has their account with in that particular country. It does not matter if you do not hold an account with that particular bank.
    3. Print off the final screen (These are the transfer instructions for your bank) Check to make sure that the currency matches your currency and that the bank address is in the same country as your bank.
    4. Take the printed page to your bank and ask them to process it as a local transfer(not an international wire transfer) They will be transferring the money to Custom House.
    5. When Custom House receives your transaction, they will forward it to YWAM Oxford in New Zealand.
    6. You should receive an email from Custom house confirming our receipt of your payment within one week. If you do not, feel free to contact us to make sure we have received it.

    Now you are ready to proceed.

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