New Building Project

This is Our Future!

We have made great progress!

Although we do not put our trust in buildings, we are aware that without them we would not be able to carry on the activities the Lord has called us to perform – the discipling of young men and women in the ways of God.

June 2009 saw the opening and dedication of the first stage of our building (see photo). This gives us a large new classroom, a 120 seat dining room and an amazing commercial kitchen, and of course a fantastic new office with space for 20 to 30 staff to work either in open plan spaces or in private offices.

We thank the Lord for the provision of volunteer labour for this first stage, especially the help of men and women associated with MMM (Mobile Mission Maintenance). We also have held a number of fundraising events such as banquets, an auction and a concert to raise the required funds for materials. We applied for and were granted a $200,000 mortgage from the bank which would be nice to clear.

The second stage of our programme is accommodation (see concept plan). We need serious financial help with this next stage. We are unable to service more loans from the bank, so would like to see at least 50% of the required $750,000 come in before we start.

The accommodation blocks are composed of two long buildings with motel like rooms which have their own bathrooms and toilets. Each building will have its own communal space, including a kitchen and lounge. These two buildings will be situated on the field we call “the field of dreams” and will accommodate up to 70 people.

If you would like to donate to this project please either send us a check or pay online from this website. See “donations” under the Online Payments menu. or press DONATION

We are privileged to count on 50 – 60 volunteer, self funding staff working here on the base, however, many folk who would like to be actively involved in discipleship and missions are unable to make this sort of commitment due to family and work obligations. If you are one of those, here is an opportunity for you to be involved. Without finance their will be no further building, without further building there will be unable to cope with the growth. Please partner with us in this very worthwhile work.

Drawing of new building
New dining room, offices, and classroom
Drawing of new building
Future student accommodation
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