Foundations for Counseling Ministries

Bring God's healing, restoration, and redemption to the nations


Foundations for Counseling Ministries

Bring God's healing, restoration, and redemption to the nations

What is FCM?

The Foundations for Counseling Ministry (FCM) school is an opportunity to learn how to be equipped to bring Father God’s heart of healing and restoration to individuals, communities and cultures in need. You will develop counseling skills, gain Biblical insight into heart issues, and you will learn how to engage the broken. During this course, you will explore God’s original design for people, His response to brokenness, and a Biblical foundation for counseling. This provides you with vital training to respond to the needs of people in any kind of ministry setting.


The FCM Breakdown

Lecture Phase


Lecture Phase consists of eleven weeks of lectures, and one week of debrief in New Zealand at the end of the Outreach Phase.

This is a twelve week classroom-styled learning block consisting of:

  • Teachings
  • Workshops
  • Projects
  • Simulated Counseling Sessions

These modules serve to equip you to identify needs, and respond to them with practical skills. You will learn how people get hurt through painful experiences, and how they then begin to interpret their world through those negative experiences.

Topics include but are not limited to: 

  • Grief
  • Trauma and Emotions
  • Different Forms of Abuse and Their Effects
  • Addiction
  • Family Systems
  • Mental Health Challenges
  • Identity/Sexuality
  • Formational/Developmental Problems
  • Rejection/Rebellion Swings
  • Defense Mechanisms

Outreach Phase


You will implement what you’ve learned during your Lecture Phase as you and your team head into the nations for a twelve week outreach. Teams go into a variety of nations around the world where need is great, and newly acquired skills can be put into practise in real life situations.

Counseling is needed in all kinds of communities, in all kinds of settings – not just in an office or clinic. This can include:

  • Churches, schools, orphanages, and/or other counseling related ministries
  • Meeting people in the streets, whether it’s in a tent in a refugee camp or on a bench in a city square
  • Helping people in cross-cultural situations

We actively seek out and initiate opportunities to counsel, disciple and extend care. True healing and wholeness happens as individuals and communities encounter Jesus!


FCM Details



Full Course: TBA


Lecture: $5,500 NZD
Outreach: $5,000 - $7,000 NZD

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