We are a non profit registered charity in NZ and our base is financed by student fees and the generosity of people who believe in what we do.

For bigger projects, resources and buildings we need people to partner with us and see God’s Kingdom grow. We ask that you pray and consider helping us in one of the following projects or with the following needs:


Sometimes we have students or staff applicants from third world countries or who need our help in coming to YWAM Oxford. By making a donation to our special provision fund you will be helping us provide scholarships for those who would otherwise be unable to come.

Whakatā Campaign

Here at YWAM Oxford we are excited to have an opportunity to step into a new chapter of God’s incredible story of Providence for this property. YWAM operates with an incredible legacy here, dating back to the 1870’s. At this time the property was a church house for the local Vicar. His prayer diaries of that time show a man who prayed for hours that the property would be used to send missionaries to the nations. Now we are living in the legacy of not only his prayers, but the prayers and actions of many who have stepped out in obedience to God’s calling which has given us the incredible properties and ministry that we serve in today. Now it is our turn as a leadership team to step out for the future generations.
In our prayers, God bought us to Acts 9 where Ananias was called by God to go and visit Saul(later Paul). His initial response was one of reluctance as he knew of Saul’s reputation. However, when God confirmed it, he stepped out in obedience and we have the bulk of the rest of the New Testament as a result of that obedience. Likewise, we have heard God put on our heart to step out for this property. Our initial thought could have been ‘but how’ or ‘why now’, however we are stepping strongly into what God has put on our hearts. We believe a new chapter of the providence of God and the outworking of our faithfulness will be written through this step and through the obedience of all who respond to his call to partner with us at this time.
We have had an offer accepted on the property and now have until November 9th to raise the necessary funds to make this a reality. We would love you to partner with us in prayer on this project, that the funds would be released and we would see this step of faith coming to fruition. During your prayers, if God is prompting you to partner financially, please see the enclosed information or contact us for more information if necessary.
Bless you all and thanks so much for taking the time to consider this.

How to donate

Donations can by made online or via cheque, wire transfer, direct deposit or cash payment. Go to our payments page to find out more. Please make sure to earmark your donation for the “special provision fund” or specify what needs or projects you are donating towards.