Leadership Support and Mentoring Course (LSM)

This program is a Leadership support program that all YWAM Oxford long term base and DTS staff complete. It consists of two blocks of training over two DTS’ in a 1-2 year period and works alongside the persons current staff roll. It is made up of a weekly teaching and discussion time, some assignments, journaling and reading tasks. Staff also receive mentoring from some experienced leaders to support them in their roll.  

The heart of this program is to support staff in the roll that they are doing. It is an on the job course and helps people grow in what it means to be a leader and gives them tools to assist them in leading as well examining the character of the leader.

It is a U of N registered course and staff receive accreditation for completing it. It generally runs from March and from September each year and runs for the length of the DTS.

The LSM starts at the beginning of each DTS lecture phase.

11 March
23 September

COST: Free!