Climbers DTS

A Discipleship Training School
SCHOOL details
27 September 2020 - 5 Mar 2021
Upcoming: More dates coming soon
Training: $4,950 NZD
Outreach: $5000-$7000 NZD
*Outreach costs vary depending on location & travel expenses

Heart of the School

The Climbers DTS is about climbers reaching out to climbers.  Climbing of any sort is often described as a passion more than a simple sport, hobby or diversion. As followers of Jesus, we believe that oftentimes the things we are passionate about are placed in our hearts by our Creator in order to bring Him glory. The Climbers DTS is all about taking our passion for climbing and dedicating it back to God. We do this by setting aside six months of our lives to be discipled and set free by God from the things that slow us down so that we can then make Him known in power and love. It’s about carrying through the idea of intentional community and sacrificial service into the rest of our lives.  Our attitude needs to be one of willingness to either forgo our climbing goals or overcome our “fear of heights” to reach out to climbers where they are!

This school exists to glorify God by making His name known to a ‘people group’ that doesn’t get much attention – climbers! We want people to leave here with an understanding that missions can be a lifestyle.  Ministering to climbers doesn’t have to stop once you finish the school.  It’s something you can do whenever you go outside and harness up or climb in the gym.  Maintaining a stance of readiness and openness to love others when we’re pursuing our passions helps remind us that those passions don’t exist only to gratify us or give us pleasure only, but can be given back to God for His glory.

Who is it for?

This DTS is for anyone who has an interest in climbing and is from age 18 (or has finished high school/secondary school) up to any age in theory.  Most students are younger than 30, however the young at heart are free to apply. Any level of climbing is acceptable so please don’t think you need to be an expert.

What can people expect in the lecture phase?

Lecture phase is an amazing time of bonding together as a family in a safe environment.  Schools vary in size, but there are always chances to go deep with people and develop lifelong friendships.  It’s a time of transformation, healing and seeing God’s redemption play out for many as we focus in on the first half of YWAM’s motto of “Know God and make Him known”. He makes Himself known to us as we learn more about who He is.  He meets us, touches us and we change and grow as a result.

During lecture phase our day starts early, with devotional time.  We then meet for worship, prayer, Bible study, etc.  Lectures then last until lunch time, with a short break for a deeply important Kiwi cultural tradition- morning tea!  Afternoons vary from small groups to journaling times, to outreach preparation or free time.  Evenings sometimes mean lectures, outreach team meetings, worship nights or free time.  It’s a full schedule, but with a relaxed pace, with plenty of transition time between scheduled things.  We always try to strike the balance of providing an engaging, quality program while at the same time giving different personalities the space and time they need to process all the new things they’re experiencing.

Climbers DTS in Queenstown/Wanaka

Our aim is that part of the Climbers DTS Lecture Phase will take place in Wanaka and/or Queenstown. These are not only very popular tourist spots but they also have some excellent climbing opportunities. We will have our church serve week here and may have the opportunity to share lectures with the YWAM base in Queenstown for a short time. Our aim is to provide students with the opportunity to be around authentic climbing communities and reach out to them with the love of God.


What is the purpose or goal of this?

This is our chance to walk out the last part of YWAM’s motto, “Know God and make Him known”.  As a school we believe we are called to reach out to climbers, and so we go where they are, love them, serve them and let them know why we’re doing it. Climbers come in all shapes, sizes and personalities, but we’re all part of the same tribe, and once you speak the language, you’re part of the tribe. We believe that common ground is something we can build on which can result in transformational relationships and transformed lives. The outreach lasts for 12 weeks (including church serve week), longer than is required for a DTS.  This is because we have found that there is no greater atmosphere for growth than on outreach, and we’ve also found that most of this growth happens in the final weeks.

Possible Locations?

Possible outreach locations include anywhere people go to climb the time of year the outreach is running!  New Zealand, Australia, and Southeast Asia are all options, though we are not limited to just those.

Price range for Outreach budget:

$5000-$7000 NZD

Length of Outreach

We will spend a total of 11 and a half weeks doing outreach. “Church serve week” counts as a week of outreach and will be completed in New Zealand during the lecture phase, and the other 10.5 weeks will be served during outreach.

Outreach Phase dates: 4 December 2019 – 18 February 2020

Weekend and School Activities

There will be four weekend trips included in lecture phase to different places around the South Island. These might be climbing or recreational trips.

The Climbing School is different in that at least 2 weeks of the school will be spent in Wanaka/ Queenstown. The hope with this is to be much closer to some truly amazing climbing while also reaching out to the local and international climbing community in those places. It also includes our church serve week which helps outreach teams learn to serve and bond as a team. This travel component is also why the activity/vehicle fee is slightly higher for the Climbing DTS.

On some weekends there may be optional trips which would cost extra to cover the cost of the vans. These trips could be to beaches like Taylor’s Mistake or Sumner, to different hiking locations around Oxford and Canterbury Plains, or into Christchurch to do some sightseeing in town. Budget NZ$10-20 for each optional trip you think you might want to go on.

We do weekly outreach which consists of either going into Christchurch to serve with a ministry or local church, or doing street evangelism. Some weeks we might stay in Oxford to reach out to our community as well.

School Leaders & Staff

Luke • 22

Hey there! I'm Luke, I'm pumped to be the Climbers DTS School Leader! I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado when I'm not in New Zealand. I love doing anything outside whether that's in the mountains or doing some sort of sport, I also love music and making things with my hands.

For as long as I can remember I've been going to church but I never really wanted to pursue God until I went to Guatemala when I was 15. From there I went back two more times. For me I felt something was missing, there had to be more to Christianity. I decided to do a DTS in 2015 and from then on my life has completely shifted. I learned I could actually do relationship with God our Father. It affected me so much I wanted to come back and do more with YWAM. I'm psyched for this season and what God is gonna do!

Cameron • 23

My name is Cameron Mueller, I am 23 and married to Tori Mueller. I was born in Papua New Guinea, Live in west Michigan, did my DTS in Townsville Australia 2015/16, have staffed the 2017/18 climbers DTS. Tori and I have been in Michigan ever since but during our time in the states we heard a distinct calling to come back to Oxford as full time staff. So here we are again on the brink of a brand new adventure and I cannot wait to encounter God with you and see what He has in store for both of us. I pray this season will be on of challenge and victory for all of us. In the meantime, God speed and God bless.

Tori • 23

Hi guys! My name is Tori, and I am from Michigan. Fun fact about me: I am the only one in my family with red hair :o I did my DTS in Townsville, Australia in 2015 and my perspective of God was changed in such a positive way! I love being able to see others grow in their relationship with God and be empowered to do ministry in a tangible way. That is why I have chosen to be on staff here at Oxford for the next few years!

Taylor • 25

Howdy/hello/hi! My name is Taylor Phillips and I’m from Houston, Texas. I graduated from the University of Texas (Hook 'em) with a degree that I don't use. I did the climbers DTS in 2018-2019, so I am back and ready to rock and roll. YWAM was never something I saw myself doing even as a student. But, somehow I was convinced to do a DTS and that is where I fell in love with missions, discipleship, and Jesus. I thought I would come back to help the people like me stuck in the religiosity of it all.

I grew up going to church, but God showed me through this DTS what it means to have a real relationship with Him and pursue Him on a daily basis, not just on Sunday. ITS AMAZING. I climb because it scares me. I like the feeling of overcoming that fear, even if it means shedding a few tears. Also it's fun and the people the sport attracts is a great group.

Fun facts about me are that every time I get asked what a fun fact is I suddenly feel like the most boring person ever. But, when I was in college I was on the mascot team where I was able to wear a banana costume and be the Pizza Hut mascot. Technically, I made TV. And ask anyone what my favorite holiday is for a bonus present under the tree from Santa. I can't wait to meet you if you're an incoming student!

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