DTS at YWAM Oxford

What is a DTS (Discipleship Training School)?

At YWAM Oxford we have two intakes for DTS beginning in late January and late September. A DTS is a 5-6 month experience in which people get to ‘know God’ in the lecture phase (12 weeks) and ‘then go and make him known’ in New Zealand and the nations of the world in the outreach phase (8-12 weeks). Students live together in a supportive environment and meet daily to participate in lectures, worship, prayer and intercession and other community activities. Speakers come from NZ and across the world to share teaching on a range of topics ranging from the Father Heart of God to Holy Spirit to Relationships to Prayer and Worship and much more. Students often experience rapid growth during the 3 month lecture phase as they are exposed daily to the workings of God in their life. The outreach phase is an opportunity for students to share with others what they have received in the lecture phase. Students go to NZ and often a variety of nations of the world and work with Christian ministries, churches, schools or just by meeting people through backpacking or traveling with the intent of sharing the ‘good news’ they have received. Locations vary greatly and students work with the orphans, the lost, the poor, the rich, the despised and the downtrodden taking what they have received in their hearts and freely giving it away.

Many people return to YWAM as a staff member after completing their DTS but many find it a great way to ignite their future career or calling in another area or field. A DTS is also a great time for people at a Crossroads in life to stop and find refreshment and be revitalized for the journey ahead with God.

Lecture Phase Costs

The Lecture Phase for our Father’s Love Crossroads and Radical Love Discipleship Training Schools are $4,700 and then the Backpackers and Climbers Discipleship Training Schools are $4,850. The cost of the DTS includes all meals, internet use, room, electricity, speakers, special events and resources used during the lecture phase. The Backpackers and Climbers schools cost is a bit extra since they go on more weekend adventures here. All lecture phases are 12 weeks which include a debrief/graduation week at the end of the DTS.

Outreach Costs

Each outreach is budgeted to cost between $5000 and $7000. In some special cases a particular outreach may be more than this but we aim to stay within this range. Each school has a particular focus for outreach and sends teams to different countries, including NZ. All outreaches are 11 weeks except the Fathers Love DTS which is 8 weeks.