A DTS is a 5-6 month experience divided into two distinct phases. The two phases in which people get to ‘know God’ in the lecture phase (12 weeks) and ‘then go and make him known’ in New Zealand and the nations of the world in the outreach phase (8-12 weeks). The course gives you the chance to discover more about your identity, purpose and the passions that God has given you, then how to apply these things outside of the lectures. A DTS is truly about developing a Christian character. It is an examination into the heart of God, a journey of discovery where God’s ways become your own. The emphasis is not so much on knowledge gained rather than on the principles applied; not so much on a mind filled with facts, but a heart filled with faith. Knowing God personally and obeying him from love. A DTS is also a great time for people at a Crossroads in life to stop and find refreshment and be revitalized for the journey ahead with God.

Lecture Phase

The Lecture Phase is a twelve week classroom segment consisting of teaching, discussions, workshops, small groups, one-on-one mentoring, personal study time, worship, intercession and prayer time. A tight-knit community of students and staff provides an environment where spiritual and biblical principles can be lived and worked out. Students dive deep into understanding more about God. Speakers come from New Zealand and across the world to share teaching on a range of topics; ranging from Intimacy with God, Hearing the voice of God, Spiritual warfare, Evangelism etc. Students often experience rapid growth during the 3 month lecture phase as they are exposed daily to the workings of God in their life.

Outreach Phase

The Outreach Phase is an eight to twelve week outreach assignment.  Outreach is an opportunity for students to share with others what they have received in the lecture phase. Students go to New Zealand and often a variety of nations of the world and work with Christian ministries, churches, schools or just by meeting people through backpacking or traveling with the intent of sharing the ‘good news’ they have received. Locations vary greatly and students work with the orphans, the lost, the poor, the rich, the despised and the downtrodden taking what they have received in their hearts and freely giving it away.

Who should attend?

The DTS is for individuals of all age groups, usually ranging from 18-30 years old. We also run a Crossroads DTS which is especially tailored for ‘all ages’ with majority being between the ages of 30-60 years old, and a Classic DTS being for “all nations and all generations” with an age range of 18-60 years old. We love and appreciate anyone who comes in with an open heart and willingness to learn and dive deep with God.

It is a special time in your life to seek and know the Lord on a personal level. We are committed to doing all we can to help you realize this goal. All of the staff are non-salaried missionaries, dedicated to the training and equipping of people who want their lives to count for eternity.

Course Content

The lecture curriculum includes a variety of topics such as:

  • The character and nature of God
  • Prayer, intercession and worship
  • Intimacy with God
  • Hearing the voice of God
  • Spiritual warfare
  • Character and nature of God
  • Father heart of God
  • Sonship
  • Relationships
  • World missions
  • Evangelism
  • Holy Spirit

What About After A DTS?

A DTS is just a beginning! It is an open door into further training within YWAM. The University of the Nations (UofN) offers training in the 7 spheres of society: Arts & Sports, Christian ministries, Communication, Counseling & Healthcare, Education, Humanities & International Studies, Science & Technology. A DTS is as well a requirement for staffing a DTS. A large number of ministries exist within YWAM that you may be interested to join!

After a DTS, the options are diverse, amazing and numerous – in YWAM and beyond!  No matter what you’ll choose, we are excited to see where God will lead you!