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The Re DTS Breakdown

Lecture Phase

Reboot your teaching and passion


This is a two week refresher on DTS teaching, focussing on the following topics for 2-3 days each:

  • Hearing the voice of God
  • Character and Nature of God 
  • Lordship 
  • Missions and more!

All the usual components of DTS weeks including

  • Teachings
  • Small Groups
  • One-on-One Mentoring
  • Personal Study Time
  • Worship and Intercession

Outreach Phase

Short term outreach trip 

This is a 10 day missions opportunity for participants to share with others what they have received in the Lecture Phase. Outreach will be to the Pacific Islands and you will receive: 

  • Cultural Orientation
  • Relationship based evangelism
  • Working with Christian ministries, churches, schools, prisons, children’s ministries, long-term missionary posts... and so much more!
  • Travel
  • Teaching
  • Living alongside locals

Classic DTS

All nations and all generations

When? July

  • Intimacy - You will have the opportunity to grow in the intimacy of your relationship with God. 
  • Roots - As you grow in intimacy, the roots of your faith will strengthen and go deeper into the soil of trust in Jesus. 
  • Passion - As we know God more intimately and fall more in love with Him, our hearts will come alive to share Him with others. 
  • All Nations All Generations - God’s heart is for people from every tongue and tribe to be actively part of His plan for redemption and restoration. No matter where you are from or how old you are, God wants to invite you to be a part of His plan for redemption.


Recharge and get a refresher or intro to short term missions

When?  23 July - 18 August 2023

  • Four weeks - Two weeks of mixed lectures followed by 10 days outreach and then 3 days debrief before graduation and home!! 
  • Four Grand - Yes, NZ$4000.00 which includes all outreach costs as well
  • For Kingdom - This is a chance to reset your focus, do something new or to introduce a friend or spouse to all things YWAM. Our goal is to re ignite or re start the call on your life. 
  • Four bullet points - This is the fourth bullet point which is just do it, take a step, take a risk, step out. Now's the time. The opportunity is here, reach out and touch the robe!! 
  • Send DTS



    When? April

    Missions - As followers of Christ we are all called to go to all people from every place. We have a call. Who will go? (Romans 10:14-15)

    Community - We desire to live as a community, sharing our burdens and our joys, learning and growing together. We follow the example of the Acts 2 church in living wholeheartedly for Jesus and encouraging and building one another up. (Acts 2:42-47) 

    Prayer - Communication with Jesus is key to everything we do. We aim to develop a life of prayer for unreached people, our cities, our neighbours, and ourselves. (Ephesians 6:18, Philippians 4:6)

    Biblical Truth - Gain a deeper understanding and love of the Word of God to establish biblical truth in our hearts and grow in our identity as followers of Christ. We want to be people who hear the word of God and respond. (James 2:17-18, Romans 2:13)

    Worship -We believe Jesus is worthy. Worthy of every tribe and tongue to worship him, that starts with us. (Revelation 7:9-10, Psalm 100)

  • Couples DTS



    When? TBD

    Relationship - Building (or rebuilding) the foundation of your own and taking that restorative relational heart to the Nations

    Purpose - Developing the passion of a sense of vision for future ministry and family as a couple 

    Mission - To develop your call as a couple, understand opportunities and to respond

    Service - Learn how to serve and champion those around you while developing your giftings and talents

  • Backpackers DTS


    When? October

    Identity - We desire people to know who they truly are, and how deeply they are loved by God.

    Adventure - We invite you to embark on an epic adventure of going deep with God through traveling and exploring nature.

    Relationship - We value everyone's story. Through daily life and adventure-seeking, we aim to build relationships with the traveling communities in New Zealand and beyond. 

    Truth - We believe the word of God is true. Hearing from God is an essential part of living in relationship with Him and other people. We seek what God says through the Bible, and listening to His voice. 

    Evangelism - Through seeking God, discovering the truth of who God is, and building relationships, we desire to share the love of Christ with all nations and people.

  • Climbers DTS


    When? October

    Freedom - We learn to be set free by God from the things that slow us down, so that we can then make Him known to others in power and love.

    Passion - We want to take our passion for climbing and dedicate it back to God. We do this by setting aside time in our lives to be discipled by Him.

    Sacrificial Service - We desire to carry the idea of intentional community and sacrificial service into the rest of our lives. Our attitude can be one of willingness to forgo our climbing goals, champion those behind us, or overcome our “fear of heights” to reach out to climbers where they are! 

    Missional Climbing - We want people to leave DTS with an understanding that missions can be a lifestyle. Ministering to climbers doesn’t have to stop once you finish school. It’s something you can do whenever you go outside and harness up or climb in the gym.


Re DTS Details




Re DTS dates:

23rd July - 18th August 2023 


The Re DTS costs are as follows:

Whole course:  $4,000 NZD

These costs include all accommodation, meals, school materials, and travel for the four week program. This does not include your return flights from your home country to New Zealand. You will need to get your own travel insurance and visas you may require for New Zealand or outreach locations


There will be two weekend trips to different places around our local area. These are a few of the possibilities:

- Going on a hike/tramp.

- Going to Castle Hill and Cave Streaming (which you might recognize from movies like Narnia and Lord of the Rings).

- Sitting in the hot pools at Hanmer Springs.

-Going to the beach 


DTS Student Testimonials

DTS at YWAM Oxford helped me reactivate my faith in God. Before, I pushed him away because I was so focused on myself and my studies. DTS helped me change these bad habits and taught me what it means to be a true disciple of Jesus. I applied all that I learned by serving others in need and outwardly expressing the love God has given me.
DTS Graduate
From the moment I arrived on the YWAM Oxford base I felt so at home. The staff were so welcoming and genuine. The environment they have created here was such a blessing to my time in DTS.
DTS Graduate

Check out this testimony video from one of our students!


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