A taste of the missions world for teens



A taste of the missions world

What is Endurance?

Endurance is a 10-day discipleship journey, for 15-19 year olds, in which you are able to go deeper and further in your relationship with God. Deeper in the knowledge, but also deeper in your heart. The goal of Endurance is for you to know God more personally, strengthen your faith in him, and also get a taste of YWAM, DTS and missions. Endurance is a unique opportunity to think about your life, the choices you have to make and really, what you want with your life! During Endurance, alongside the serious stuff, there is plenty of outdoors activities, sports, fun and it's an amazing time to build friendships and community!

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Endurance Breakdown


Learn more about God


This is a ten day classroom-styled learning module consisting of:

  • Teachings
  • Mentoring
  • Personal Study Time
  • Worship and Intercession

Our speakers will share teachings on a range of topics, such as:

  • Hearing the voice of God
  • Relationships
  • The Father Heart of God
  • Evangelism and many more!


To make God known


This is a two day missions opportunity for you to share with others what you have received in our teachings. You'll go to local areas to serve through:

  • Relationship based evangelism
  • Working with Christian ministries, churches, children’s ministries.
  • Praying for others
  • Distributing food
  • And so much more!

Classic DTS

All nations and all generations

When? July

  • Intimacy - You will have the opportunity to grow in the intimacy of your relationship with God. 
  • Roots - As you grow in intimacy, the roots of your faith will strengthen and go deeper into the soil of trust in Jesus. 
  • Passion - As we know God more intimately and fall more in love with Him, our hearts will come alive to share Him with others. 
  • All Nations All Generations - God’s heart is for people from every tongue and tribe to be actively part of His plan for redemption and restoration. No matter where you are from or how old you are, God wants to invite you to be a part of His plan for redemption.

Endurance Details


July: 9th-18th July 2024



Oxford, New Zealand


Endurance costs are as follows:


This costs includes all accommodation, meals, school materials, activities, and any of the programs travel for the full 10 days. 


There will be a few different activities done throughout the 10 days. These are a few of the possibilities:

- Going on a hike/tramp.

- Going to Castle Hill and Cave Streaming. 

- Going on a scavenger hunt.

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