YWAM Gap Year Program

Join us in New Zealand for your gap year 


YWAM Gap Year Program

Join us in New Zealand for your Gap Year

What's next in life?

Not sure if school is the next best step for you? Are you tired of just going through the motions in your faith and in your job? Does your daily life feel like it's going nowhere?

For many, a gap year is the best next step in life.

A gap year can bring clarity and understanding to your passions and gifts by devoting your time to a new adventure and a new experience with God. A gap year can be a year of traveling, experiencing different cultures, living within a loving community, getting real-world experience, gaining a purpose, and so much more! Our gap year programme, the Discipleship Training School, helps you find God's direction so that you can live your life full of excitement and passion!




Of students say a gap year helped them to develop as a person, allowed for personal reflection, and increased maturity and self-confidence.


Of students say it helped them gain skills to be successful in their career.


Of students say it increased their readiness for college.


“The way you discover your gifts is really by serving, not by searching.”

Loren Cunningham, Founder of YWAM International

Student Testimonials

“After graduating from school, I wanted to take a gap year abroad before I went to University. I also wanted to give the year to God. When I look back on it now, I really love to remember the moments when God gave me revelations about His word and who He is, the deep conversations and friendships we built, the fun we had, the stunning nature, inspiring speakers and the growth I see in me and in others. It's amazing how God was shaping me during this time- and that was just the beginning.
DTS Graduate
Before going to DTS I was in an in-between season of my life. God called me to YWAM Oxford, and I loved every bit of it. Looking back I’m so glad that God brought me into a family environment there. It was a really healing experience for me, especially between the base leaders, fellow classmates and one-on-ones!
DTS Graduate

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"Would I be willing to set aside 6 months in my entire life to gain clarity and discover more about what I was made to do?"


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